Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot 2016

One of the most exciting parts of designing collection is, of course, the photoshoot. As this was my first photoshoot, I wanted to do it in one of my absolute favourite places in London, the beautiful Hampstead. I didn't particularly have a vision of what I wanted to do for the photoshoot, I just knew where I wanted it to be. If you've never been, Hampstead is full of cute little cobbled streets, secret pathways and of course the huge Hampstead Heath, where they hide the incredibly beautiful Edwardian Hill Garden and Pergola. In such a beautiful location, I wanted give my photographer and model the creative freedom to do what they wanted to do and I think the results are stunning. So here's a few snaps of the behind the scenes of the photoshoot. Enjoy!

My incredibly talented photographer Elena Theofanous. Check out more of beautiful photos on her Instagram @elenaetheo

In order to have a photoshoot, I needed to assemble a small team together. My photographer Elena Theofanous who, by the way, I have known since she was a little dot and have watched her grow into an incredibly talented young lady. You can check out more of her beautiful photos on her Instagram @elenaetheo.

My gorgeous model, all round inspiring woman and my very good friend, Sweet Lordson. We always spoke together about our dreams and futures and I'm so happy she got to share in mine. Also check out her Instagram @sweetlordson.

All my love Hx