Hello, it's me || Q&A

I wanted to create an exciting new section for my website where I can share more about myself, my journey and experiences with you in the form of a blog. I want to write about the different things happening in the wonderful world of fashion, have guest writers on and who knows what else may come from this. It took me a while to think about what to write for my first blog; I'm already having writers block and I have even started yet, but I thought a Q&A might be a good place to start. Hopefully you'll know me a little better.

What's your full name?

Helena Louise Davis

Where did you study?

I went to West Herts College in Watford to do a BTEC in Fashion & Clothing. This was honestly one of the best times in my life and I would go back there in a heartbeat. I was never one for school and my parents can definitely vouch for that but college was completely different, totally focused on what I actually wanted to do.

Did you go to university?

I did not. And I was very adamant about that. I wanted to learn by working and being out in the "real world". After college I felt like I was done with the education side of things and I just wanted to get stuck in! I was once told that if you don't go to uni you won't be successful and I want to prove all those naysayers wrong.

What was your first job?

My first proper job was in a clothing company based in Camden, London. I was the design room assistant and general gofer. It was a small company with a small team, so I learnt a lot about all aspects of the business. I loved the team I worked with, which is always a bonus for a job.

Why did you want to work in fashion?

My mum works in the fashion industry and has done her whole life. She's currently working as an amazing pattern cutter for a company in London, so I think it's quite clear that that's where I got my fashion genes from (pardon the pun).

Have you always wanted to work in fashion?

I have! Every since I can remember really. I love art and being creative. But I do remember I once wanted to be an ice cream lady, just so I could just have a constant supply of sweets and ice cream. And for a brief, and I mean brief, time in college I was looking into architecture but realised it's a 7 year uni course and you have to be good at physics and maths. Not for me thank you very much!

Who are your favourite designers?

Vivienne Westwood, Thom Browne, Victoria Beckham and Chloe (technically a fashion house) to name a few.

What are your three wardrobe staples?

This one is hard, I love to be comfortable. So a good pair of jeans, a vintage graphic tee and a bomber jacket.

Vintage or high street?

Definitely vintage, I love one-off, unique pieces.

Spring Summer or Autumn Winter?

Autumn Winter for sure. I like the layers and feeling cosy.

What do you do apart from working on your label?

I have a strong faith and relationship with God, I go to church and am involved in various things within that. When I started working on my brand, I knew I wanted to build it on His foundation.

All my love Hx