Behind The Scenes: HD MENS Photoshoot 2017

I know I know, it's been a while! But fear not, I have now emerged from my work room and back into civilisation (for a short while anyway). As you have probably seen, I recently launched a bunch of new items on my website and I have spend the past several months working incredibly hard on them.

The first wave of wonderful newness I released was in fact my first menswear line. I designed and produced three unique, high quality mens t-shirts, each with their own little touch of denim. This was the first time I have ever attempted menswear but I relished the challenge. I wanted the tees to be fully, originally made by me. I didn't want just buy a bog-standard t-shirt and stick some denim on it. This was the challenging part; to make a well fitting and high quality, basic mens t-shirt from scratch.

The photoshoot took place in sunny Scotland (ha!) and my brother kindly agreed to be my wonderful model. I wasn't planning on having the shoot in Scotland but it just so happened we were heading there for a family holiday around the time I wanted to release the collection and trying to get me and my brother in one place at the same time is a bit of a struggle. The weather managed to hold up while we were there, thanks to the big guy in sky and I think the pictures came out brilliantly. I just want to say a big thank you to Oliver, for frolicking around a field for a couple of hours and allowing me to take pictures of it. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!

I didn't manage to get many behind the scene shots from the photoshoot, as it was me taking the actual photos but I did get a few. I've also included a few holiday snaps from our time we spent around Edinburgh. I have to say that Scotland is now up there with one of my absolute favourite places to visit, despite the cold and rain, it is just beautiful and I can't wait to go back.

Oliver trying out his best blue steel look.

Probably on the windiest day day possible we risked our lives and climbed up Arthurs Seat and were met with the most stunning view of Edinburgh.

A few more holiday snaps

All the love Hx