Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot 2017

Yes that's right! You read that correctly. Yet another behind the scenes blog post. I told you I was busy. This is a BTS look at my second release of fabulous womenswear. First thing's first, let's talk about the collection itself.

I didn't want to divert too far away from my current collection, I wanted this wave of designs to sit nicely with the others and not replace them. I've learnt a lot since releasing my first lot of designs, mainly about my customer market; who I was aiming it at, what people liked, what people wanted to see more of. With the new designs, I really wanted to broaden my market and appeal to more people. I created a few more "wearable" pieces, for people who don't necessarily feel comfortable wearing a crop top and showing off their midriff. I created slightly more affordable pieces for those who have a love of fashion and playing around with their style but can't particularly afford the higher priced items. I designed this collection with every woman in mind. There is something in there that anyone can rock. I want my designs to give women confidence to express themselves, in ways they haven't before.

This year I have introduced a couple of exciting new colours and fabrics. The white lace, oh how I adore the white lace! I love how it fits into my designs so perfectly. The way the crisp, white, delicacy of the lace contrasts against the soft blue denim is just a dream (can you tell HD ELEVEN is my favourite piece from the collection?). Next is the pink jersey, I was so incredibly excited to bring pink into my collection. Fun fact: I used to absolutely hate pink! I was such a tomboy, still am a little but now I can't get enough of it. I think it really brings a different dimension to my designs and sits beautifully alongside the denim. And of course, I have got the same white jersey as the mens collection in there too.

Now onto the photoshoot. The last collection was shot outside, in the stunning Hampstead but this year is a little different. I wanted an indoor shoot. To keep it simple and clean. Let the designs really speak for themselves. Plus, it was a lot nicer for my model not to have to change in the street haha! The photoshoot actually took place in my church and my pastor was kind enough to let me use the upper room for the day. It was a very chilled out shoot, which was much needed. I worked with the same wonderful model and photographer as last time (naturally), which made the whole process easy and stress free. I managed to get few behind the scenes photos, so please enjoy.

All the love Hx